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cool kills time

First entry for this new year 2014...ignore if i have some typo coz blogging using small phone surely challenging.

Assalamualaikum guys...

Thought that i'm a cool girl opps cool woman actually.but this type of coldness could kill ur life and u. I didnt know since when, but lately i realised that i always took something for granted.
There are many things happened n came into my life and the stupid me didnot appreciate them.

I was pampered enough all this time and i never had a matured thinking as well as behaviour to make peoples around me happy and grateful. Sincerely, i do not know how to ask an apology to them as i always make them regret,give up and of course beyond their expectations.

Some of thems are very thoughtful enough to wake me up.and some of them just being superb while they never know that others weakness highlight their strength. Of course, people have their own perception but please be realistic and dont judge people.

Love to share what a new experience i had last 2 weeks.it always came to my mind and make me trying to life to the fullest.eventho some people took it as something to be laugh out loud.

Oh...i forgot to make some recap.see u at another entry.cheers!