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proud to be malaysian ^^


Ramadhan Kareem

Salam guys,,

Sedar tak sedar hari ini dah 17 ramadhan, that means 12 hari lagi je lagi ramadhan yang berbaki. oh, kurang dari 2 minggu saje lagi. jom check it out apa yang kita dah abiskan 16 hari yang lepas!

Buat tak ni, important acts eg.:
-taking account of actions & repenting to Allah or
-doa at the time of Iftar or
-delaying your sahoor or

-breaking the fast on time?

& did you guys abstain from this? anger and dispute, backbiting 
and slander others, or specific bad habit?

incase if u didn't, it's ok. you still have 12 days left to do these things!

doing something good for you which can help you hereafter...such as lowering your gaze, sunnah prayer, read or recite Quran and etc.

still have the chances, am i rite?yes, you do!

so, dear my friends:

take this opportunity to remove & cleanse ourselves. Ramadhan is the month of TARBIYAH.


btw, selamat menyambut hari nuzul Quran.[walau cuti aku still sibuk buat exp in the lab.huhu]

love u guys xoxo



The basic thing in da'wah is we need to know each other as reminded by As-syahid Imam Hasan al-Banna. So let me introduce myself. :)

Nurul Hidayah Muhamad @ Ghazali

1Ogos 1987 at Home sweet home, Kemaman, Terengganu

9th child of 13 siblings. I have 5 sisters, 3 brothers, 2 younger sisters & 2 younger brothers.

Education background:
SK Binjai 1994-1999
SMK Chukai 2000-2004
Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College 2005-2006
Universiti Malaysia Pahang 2006-2010

Current status:
Full time student in M.Eng (Chemical). 

Related field:
Biofuels.Renewable energy.Catalysts.Impregnation.


charming 25?

i dont think & ofcos cant accept if u wanna label me as sweet 25!


normally sweet is for 'teen'. i'm still a teenager (daydreaming >.<). yet i'm 25 y.o so charming is more sweet then.teehee ^^

special thanks to family, friends, kids even lecturers for the wishes. i'm personally appreciate that. thanks again because uolls still remember me. i like & love your prayer more than gifts seriously. ya Allah, ameen.

to someone i love, i will claim mine on the day you arrive! please buy me something special.haha. but it's ok. can accept la if u didnt buy anything. it's enough la kan if u propose me & shake ur hand with kadi. dan aku terima nikah blablabla.


thank you unnies for treating me at SMS & little girl, thank you for nice wedges. so i have new shoes for this coming raya.hehe

with love,
[cant believe he save myname in contacts like this..reason why?he told 'hidayah' is too long]

post title: i'm back!

miss my blog damn much!


struggle to finish my experiments + writing papers for conferences.

dear friends & sisters,

please pray for me. i hope i can finish it well.

*planning to share everything here.^^